Friday, May 17, 2013

10Days 7Nights Stunning Greece

(Athens/ Delphi/ Kalambaka/ Meteora/ Santorini/ Mykonos)

Assemble at KLIA international Airport for your departure flight to Athens.

Upon arrival, proceed walking tour of the ruins of Acropolis – the greatest of all archaeological sites and crowning glory of
Athens.Stand in awe of the gleaming Parthenon which stands with effortless grace. It is Greece’s largest Doric temple dedicated
to the worship of Athena. Also marvel the adjacent Erechtheion temple, where elegant Caryatids (sculpted female figures) take the
place of columns. Walking tour of the historic Zappeion Exhibition Hall in front of which towers the remaining columns of the
Temple of Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch and souvenir shopping at Plaka, the oldest section of the city with plenty of tourist shops,
jewellery stores and cafes. Photo stop at the marble Panathenian Stadium, site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Drive
pass Syntagma Square, home to the impressive Parliament Building in front of the which you can see the Monument of the
Unknown Soldier. Driving along Herod Atticus Road and catch sight of the Odeon of Herod Atticus, an impressive open-air stone
amphitheatre, and the ancient Dionysos Theater. Dinner upon arrival before checking into hotel.

After breakfast, transfer from Athens to Mykonos – Jewel of the Aegean. (approx 4.5 hours). The trip takes approx. 4.5 hours.
Enjoy an island tour where many scenic photo opportunities are in store. Mykonos is set around a picturesque bay with
whitewashed houses fitting closely together and forming a maze of narrow, winding alleys. Be captivated by the earthen colours
of bare hills surrounding the town's gleaming whiteness, an incredibly blue sky and even deeper blue sparkling sea.Take in the
cosmopolitan atmosphere and energetic nightlife.
Today will transferred by high speed boat to Santorini island. The trip takes approx. 3 hours.(Ferry will be used if the boat is not
operating due to high tide).Drive to the north of Santorini for a tour of Oia, one of the island’s most exquisite villages known for
its quiet life and breathtaking sunsets and gorgeous views.Bright white and blue domed churches constrasting the deep blue of the
Aegean Sea is a classic view of Oia. Enjoy a Oia sunset tour and be blown away by the magnificent purple sunset!
** high speed boat will be replaced by ferry if not operating due to high tide.

After breakfast, free at leisure to explore this beautiful island. We recommend an optional tour to see the picturesque villages of
Megalochori and the hilltop village of Pyrgos, with its view to a volcano before arriving at a local winery for a tour and wine

Free at leisure until transfer to Santorini airport for your 40 minute flight to Athens. After dinner, transfer back to hotel for

This morning will proceed to Delphi for walking tour, Greece’s most beautiful ancient site with evocative ruins surrounded by
breathtaking mountain scenery. The main attraction is the Temple of Apollo, regarded as the holiest site in Ancient Greece. See the
nearby Doric Temple, the Treasury of the Athenians and the sacred Castalia Spring. Entrance to the Delphi Museum which
displays some of the finest works of art in Greece such as the bronze Charioteer. Continue to Kalambaka, a town amid smooth
sandstone cliffs at the base of Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts some of Greece’s most significant and
distinctive monasteries

An interesting visit to the famous Meteora Monasteries. Meteora’s name, Greek for "suspended in air" is exceptionally apt, as the
monasteries are spectacular perched on top of rocky pinnacles soaring over 1,000 feet above the ground. The monasteries were
built in the 14th and 15th centuries. There were 24 monasteries by 1500 but only six survive today. Visit two of the timeless
Meteora monasteries and take advantage of the many photo opportunities at one of the most striking sights in Greece.

After breakfast, transfer to airport.

Arrive home, bringing with your beautiful souvenirs and sweet memories of your Europe tour with us

Mykonos Windmill


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6Days 4Nights Beijing Tour

DAY 01                      KUALA LUMPUR - BEIJING      (--)                  
Assemble at KLIA fly to China – Beijing.

DAY 02                      BEIJING                                           (-/L/D)                         Hotel: City Inn Or Similar (4*)
Pick up the clients from Beijing Capital Airport,. Visit Tian’anmen Square,Then proceed to Forbidden City,Trishaw ride through old hutongs, Visit Qianmen Walking Street by taking Frying pan Car, enjoy Acrobatics Show.

DAY 03                      BEIJING                                           (B/L/D)                       Hotel: City Inn Or Similar (4*)
Juyongguan Great wall, Ming Waxwok Museum, overview Olympic Village - Bird’s  Nest and Water Cube.

DAY 04                      BEIJING                                           (B/L/D)                       Hotel: City Inn Or Similar (4*)
The Summer Palace, Panda Zoo, Wang Fu Jing & Donghuamen Street       

DAY 05                      BEIJING                                           (B/L/D)                       Hotel: City Inn Or Similar (4*)
The Temple of Heaven,South Luogu Lane,Xiushui Market

DAY 06                      BEIJING – KUALA LUMPUR     (B)      
After breakfast, transfer to Airport. 

Beijing National Stadium

Forbidden City

10Days 7Night Turkey + Cave hotel (Chinese Version)

10Days 7Nights 土耳其 + 洞穴酒店

第一天      吉隆坡/伊斯坦布尔

第二天                 伊斯坦布尔/伯鲁                  (早//晚)                        酒店:KORU HOTEL或同级4*
抵达后,参观十七世纪初建的【蓝色清真寺】,巨大的圓頂周圍有六根尖塔,屬世界之最。清真寺內牆壁全部用 藍、白兩色的依茲尼克(Iznik)磁磚裝飾。托普卡匹宮殿博物館】曾经是东罗马帝国及土耳其的宫殿。館內之珍寶室收藏有燦爛奪目的金銀珠寶、玻璃製品、中國陶瓷 器品等,並可於此眺望伯斯普魯斯海峽與對岸的亞洲區。古罗马竞技广场】曾是政客们开会议事的地点,也是赛车、摔跤、拳击及其他体育竞赛的场所。参观一个由基督教堂转换成回教,现在却是伊斯兰与基督教风格并存的【圣索菲亚博物馆】。然后,前往伯鲁(Bolu)用晚餐和过夜。

第三天      伯鲁/安卡拉/卡帕多奇亚            (早//晚)                        酒店:Uchisar Kaya Cave Hotel或同级4*

第四天      卡帕多奇亚                      (早//晚)                        酒店:Uchisar Kaya Cave Hotel或同级4*
今日前往參觀當年為逃避宗教迫害的基督教信徒所建立的【凱馬克勒地下城市】,这些蜂窝状的结构理面可以躲藏至少三万人您将能看到卧房、厨房、用餐室、酒窖、教堂和马槽等等。游览【格雷梅谷】和【国家公园】包括【岩窟教堂】(現為哥乐美露天博物館)。午餐后到犹基萨尔丘俯瞰卡巴德基亚的天然奇石景观。接着游览Zelve谷和窑洞。晚上时可观赏Evranos Show Restau.

第五天                 卡帕多奇亚/科尼亚/巴穆卡雷                      (早//晚)                                                          酒店:TRIPOLIS HOTEL或同级4*
早餐后,參觀 13 世纪商贸旅人所居住的酒店-苏丹哈尼卡拉番】,塞爾柱時期的古驛站。然后驱车前往科尼亚。午餐后,參觀参观13 世纪时作为苏菲教派的文化与教育中心梅夫拉納博物館】。此清真寺屬於回教神秘教派,以其祭典儀式像是在跳舞而聞名。哲學家兼詩人梅夫拉納宣揚容忍、諒解和啟蒙,苦行僧們透過身體不停的旋轉,可以淨化心靈達到與真神溝通的用意,也是坊間所稱旋轉舞。然后,驱车前往巴穆卡雷。

第六天                 巴穆卡雷/库萨达西                                       (早//晚)                                                          酒店:MARINA HOTEL或同级4*

第七天                 库萨达西/恰纳卡莱                                       (早//晚)                                                          酒店:IRIS HOTEL或同级4*
早餐后,前往參觀擁有古希臘文化時期遺蹟聞名的【白加孟】由德籍工程師KARL HUMANN 無意中發現之宏偉古蹟,歷史溯自西元前二世紀,遺蹟規模很大,在高聳的衛城上有大圓形劇場、神殿、圖書館等等。之後前往庫薩達西。游览古詩人荷馬筆下所記載之《木马屠城记》的歷史遺址【特洛伊】( 1998 年入選為文化遺產 ),憑弔一段流傳千古、可歌可泣的史蹟。抵達後您可參觀 巨型仿古模型木馬,漫步於古城廢墟中;村落分成 9 层,每一层取代代 表较早时期的

第八天                 恰纳卡莱/伊斯坦布尔                                   (早//晚)                                                          酒店:ALL SEASONS HOTEL或同级4*
早餐后,前往码头乘船通過達達尼爾海峽到Eceabat。午餐后,驱车前往伊斯坦布尔。抵达后, 搭乘遊艇暢 遊【博斯布魯斯海峽】
第九天                 伊斯坦布尔/吉隆坡                 (早//-
早餐后,前往【傳統大巴扎市集】超过4000 个摊位和商店可自由閒逛採購琳瑯滿目的商品,享受購物樂趣並體會土耳其人熱情好客的民族特色。

第十天                 抵达吉隆坡

10Days 7Night Turkey + Cave Hotel By Malaysia Airline

10Days 7Night Turkey + Cave Hotel 

DAY 01                 KUALA LUMPUR ~ ISTANBUL
Assemble at KLIA for flight to Istanbul.

DAY 02                ISTANBUL ~ BOLU                                                         (-/L/D)                                   Hotel: KORU Hotel or similar 4*
Arrival Istanbul Airport. Visit to Blue Mosque also known as Mosque of Sultan Ahmeti, famous for its blue tiles; Topkapi Palace is the seat of the Ottoman Empire, after it shifted its capital from Bursa to Istanbul. It is today, a museum palace with a wide collection of Kitchen wares and Porcelains, Treasuries, Royal Antiques, Courtyards, Holy Relics etc; Hippodrome Square is the scene of chariot races with three monuments, the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine column and the column of Constantine; St.Sophia Museum is the one of the greatest religious and architectural marvels of all times; Then, transfer to Bolu for dinner and overnight.

DAY 03                 BOLU ~ ANKARA ~ CAPPADOCIA                            (B/L/D)                 Hotel: Uchisar Kaya Cave Hotel or similar 4*
After breakfast, visit the Ataturk Mausoleum, Ataturk is the founding father of the Turkish Republic. Then visit the well-know Museum of Ancient Anatolian Civilizations with its great Hittite Collection. After lunch, drive to Cappadocia – Nevshehir for dinner and overnight.

DAY 04                 CAPPADOCIA                                                                    (B/L/D)                  Hotel: Uchisar Kaya Cave Hotel or similar 4*
Morning time, proceed to Cappadocia. Kaymakli Underground City where early Christians lived secretly in order to survive and keep their faith. Goreme Valley Site and National parks, including the Rock Churches. After lunch, visit to Uchisar Village. Next, visit to Zelve Valley Ruins and Cave Dwellings. At night, enjoy the show Evranos Show Restau.

DAY 05                 CAPPADOCIA ~ KONYA ~ PAMUKKALE               (B/L/D)                                  Hotel: TRIPOLIS Hotel or similar 4*
After breakfast, transfer to Sultanhani. Upon arrival, visit to Sultanhani Kervansaray. Then transfer to Konya. Upon arrival, having lunch at local restaurant. Then visit to the 13th-century Mevlana Museum is the original tekke or lodge of the Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes, a mystical Sufi Muslim group. Then transfer to Pamukkale for dinner and overnight.

DAY 06                 PAMUKKALE ~ KUSADASI                                          (B/L/D)                                 Hotel: MARINA Hotel or similar 4*
After breakfast, visit Pamukkale Archaeological site and Pamukkale Castle (there is not permitted to walk on some of the limestone/travertine terraces).  After lunch, transfer to Kusadasi. Upon arrival, visit to House of Virgin Mary, Basilica of St. John. Then visit to Ephesus site including the Terrace House.

DAY 07                 KUSADASI ~ CANAKKALE                                          (B/L/D)                                 Hotel: IRIS or similar 4*
After breakfast, transfer to Bergama and having lunch. Then, visit Pergamum was an ancient Greek city in modern-day Turkey. Then, tour to Troy and museum, the UNESCO listed World Heritage Site, where Greek and Trojan heroes fought the Trojan War for the honor of the beautiful Helen. Next, transfer to Canakkale for dinner and overnight.

DAY 08                 CANAKKA ~ ISTANBUL                                                (B/L/D)                                 Hotel: All Seasons Hotel or similar 4*
After breakfast, transfer to port to take ferry ride cross Marmara Sea to Eceabat. After lunch, transfer to Istanbul. Then enjoy Bosphorus Cruise, you can enjoy this relaxing cruise along the shoreline.

DAY 09                 ISTANBUL ~ KUALA LUMPUR                   (B/-/-)
After breakfast, having shopping time at the 500 year old Grand Bazaar more than 4,000 stalls. Follow transfer to airport for your flight back to home.

DAY 10                 ARRIVE KUALA LUMPUR 

 Cave hotel in Turkey